Successful global business depends on successful communication. There is no doubt that English has been adopted and integrated as the main lingua franca for international business. Formal academic education provides us with academic knowledge and qualifications, but it does not always equip us with skills to communicate effectively and accurately in a professional world dominated by English.

The number of speakers of English as an additional language globally increases year on year, as does the level of general language proficiency. It is therefore necessary for companies trading internationally to ensure that their staff are able to communicate effectively in English.

Equipping your sales and customer facing staff with the skills to communicate in English to a high level means:

  • more sales
  • increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • reduced employee turnover

We can help you achieve this by personalising a Business English and soft skills training course to meet your specific needs. Our courses are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, taking into account the cultural, national and linguistic context to which the client belongs and in which the client operates.

We are an international specialist consultancy and English language training company for Companies, Executives, Managers, and Professionals. We provide our services in-company and can train groups or individuals.